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Pop Money

Fidelity is proud of Pop Money, a new component of Online Banking. Pop Money allows you to send and receive money from anywhere at any time using only a person's email address or mobile telephone number. The payment will safely and securely move from your checking account into the other person's account within as little as one business day.

Pop Money works simply:

1. Fidelity Online Banking customers can log in through Fidelity Bank's homepage.
2. Once logged in, select the checking account from which the payment will be deducted.
3. Click on the "Web Bill Pay" tab at the top of the page.
4. When the new window pops up, you'll see a tab called "Pop Money" at the top of the page. Click there and get started!

Not an Online Banking customer? Sign up for Online Banking with Fidelity now. It's the safe, convenient way to get accurate, current information to help you manage your finances.

Remember, you must be a Fidelity Online Banking customer to enjoy the benefits Pop Money has to offer.

Paying another Fidelity Bank customer? They must have Online Banking too. If you're paying someone that is not a Fidelity customer, make sure they're signed up for online banking with their own financial institution if they offer Pop Money services.

If you'd like to learn more by viewing a demonstration of Pop Money, click here now. Or if you're already an Online Banking customer, click here to log into your account.

Trying to retrieve money sent to you? Click here now.