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Business Services

At Fidelity Bank, our goal is to help you meet and exceed your business dreams. That’s why we’re pleased to offer Business Services, a full line of tools designed to run your company’s finances as efficiently and conveniently as possible. Our dedicated team of Business Services professionals will help you improve cash flow by expediting receivables, controlling payables, and providing the resources for you to manage you money anywhere and at anytime.

Expedite Your Receivables

Credit Card Processing

Having the ability to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers offers your business several key benefits. When you accept credit and debit cards, sales can be up to 10% higher. You'll improve cash flow and make your company more consumer-friendly. Click here to learn more about credit card processing.

Electronic Funds Transfers

ACH is a reliable and secure way for your business to easily process receivables. Large volume debits of customers' and vendors' accounts are available to you. Fidelity Bank can help you set up your Electronic Funds Transfers which will save you time and reduce expenses.

Remote Deposit

Increase cash flow, reduce expenses and save time for yourself and your employees with Remote Deposit. Scan checks and transmit the images or data back to Fidelity in just a few simple steps. All that's needed is a PC, Internet connection and a scanner.

Control Payables

Wire Transfers

Need to transfer a large sum of money electronically? With Wire Transfer services from Fidelity Bank, you can conveniently transfer funds electronically from your Fidelity Bank business account to an account at another financial institution. Wire transfers are the ideal method of payment for large transactions and are safe, simple and efficient. Click here to learn more about Wire Transfers.

Reloadable Payroll and Expense Cards

Provide your employees payroll or issue expense cards via our MasterCard- based reloadable card solution. What a great way to streamline distribution, bring direct deposit to more employees and control expenses.

Fidelity Visa Credit Cards

With purchasing convenience, available credit and detailed reporting, you'll have what you need to nurture your business and help it thrive. Click here to learn more.

Fidelity Visa Business Check Cards

Streamline and consolidate your business expenses with a Fidelity Visa Business Check Card- it lets you pay for purchases directly from your business checking account anywhere around the world where Visa is accepted. Click here to learn more.

Protect Your Business

Positive Pay Fraud Detection

Making sure your finances are protected is our top priority. Postive Pay Fraud Detection protects your transactions by matching your account or check information against a list of checks previously authorized by your organization. Learn how Positive Pay can help your business today.

Grow Your Deposits


CDARS, the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, is one of the most convenient ways to access FDIC insurance on balances greater than $250,000. As a participating organization, Fidelity Bank will work one-on-one with your business to ensure your money is working hard while still benefitting from full FDIC insurance coverage.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

You can easily put excess cash balances to work for you through savings accounts and withdraw ICS funds up to six (6) times per month. Plus, make an unlimited number of deposits.

Business Sweeps

Make the most of your organization's extra cash while still maintaining liquidity. Fidelity Bank's Business Sweeps service moves excess cash from your business's checking account into a higher earning account like a Money Market account. This means you'll have quick access to cash when you need it most while earning competitive rates on the balance.

Manage Your Finances Electronically
Business Online Banking

Fidelity Bank has completely revamped its Business Online Banking system, with a financial management tool that helps you define where expenses are going, single sign onto Web Bill Pay plus other robust tools. Check your business banking account balances, transfer funds and reconcile accounts quickly and easily. Sign up for EZ Statements and pay bills online with Web Bill Pay.