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Important Information Regarding the "Heartbleed" Security Breach 

You may be hearing about the new "Heartbleed" Security Breach affecting the internet worldwide. This vulnerability can impact things you do at home as well as at work so here's a bit of information that may help you stay safe.

What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is a major bug that affects the technology used to encrypt sensitive information. Ever log into email or your bank account and notice the "HTTPS" and green lock in the address bar? that's what we're talking about.

Heartbleed is a leak in the system that takes advantage of a flaw in certain webservers to "listen in" on what should be private, encrypted traffic. Any information exchanged with an effected server can be stolen by hackers monitoring that server. This includes user names, passwords, account numbers, etc.

How are Fidelity Bank customers affected? We have checked our internal servers and Fidelity Bank is NOT vulnerable. Customers can continue to use Fidelity's Online Banking system safely and securely.

Are customers affected outside of Fidelity Bank? They may be. Any website with an address that starts with "HTTPS" may be vulnerable including web-based email, shopping sites, financial sites, etc. Most of these websites require you to log in.

What should you do? Many companies will likely send out communication about this, or post information on their websites. You should check websites you've recently logged into with personal information like credit card numbers or passwords to see if they've posted notices. If you are concerned about websites you use, you can also check them out by using this tool from Symantec. Also, if you've recently logged into any of these types of websites, customers may want to change their user names and/ or passwords to be safe.

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