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Understanding your wants and needs and helping you to plan for your financial future is what our trusted financial advisors do best. The trusted financial advisors of our Fidelity Trust Department are experts at handling the administration of trust funds, providing estate planning support, and in some cases, seeing to the estate of a deceased client. We take time to evaluate all options when involved in settling estates, establishing guardianships, or administering trusts that have been set up for the survivors of our depositor. And we put that same level of care and attention into our relationships with businesses, schools, municipalities and institutions managing your assets and taking care of financial obligations.

  • Personal Trust

    As your trusted financial advisor and neighbor, Fidelity Bank offers a flexible way to solidify your assets for tomorrow while gaining you certain benefits today. That’s why we offer tax-conscious financial guidance and assist you with preparing the necessary taxes and administrative details of your trust. Financial experts from the Fidelity Trust Department can help explain the requirements and responsibilities of setting up a trust and show you how to manage its details.

    Our team can help you as:


    We assist you with your estate planning and put your wishes in place, handle all estate settlement issues with professionalism and sincerity, and keep important documents, such as a Will, on file until it is needed.


    Fidelity Bank offers various types of trusts

    • Revocable Living Trusts - We provide management of your investments including security purchases and sales, CD maturities, interest and dividend collection, bill paying services, and assistance during periods of disability and/or once you pass away.
    • Irrevocable Trusts - We provide current money management during your lifetime and ensure continued fund management after your death.
    • Testamentary Trusts - We provide long-term management of trust funds for your beneficiaries through your Last Will and Testament.
    • Standby Trusts - We provide financial assistance and flexibility by allowing you the opportunity for the trust to be prepared in the future.
    • Charitable Trusts - We provide an income stream to an individual or family and the remainder to a charitable organization or foundation while allowing the donor to achieve tax benefits; ideal for philanthropic goals.
    • Special Needs Trusts - We provide assistance for individuals with special needs.

    Fidelity Bank offers various trust services such as:

    • Custodial Services - We provide you with the option of giving Fidelity Bank custody of your assets; we take care of all accounting work for you and act on your direction for investment of assets.

    IRA Custodian

    Solidify your retirement plan and invest in a variety of securities by rolling over into an IRA. Fidelity Bank provides full management of your funds or we can act as your custodian as well. Traditional or Roth IRAs are available to receive your annual contributions.

    For more information about Fidelity Bank personal trusts, give us a call at 570-504-2260, or stop by one of our full-service branches to speak to a financial expert in person.

  • Corporate Trust

    Fidelity Bank's Trust Department works closely with businesses, schools, municipalities and institutions to make sure their investment management and bond administration services are cost effective and manageable.

    Our professional and friendly team of experts has the knowledge to manage your organization’s assets; while our products and services help you invest wisely, ensuring growth and prosperity.

    Fidelity Bank Trust Department offers full range of Corporate Trust services including:

    • Custody Services
    • Bond Trustee Services
    • Institutional Money Management
    • Paying Agent Services

    And since we’re a local bank and care deeply about the community and its businesses, you can be sure that we’ll work with you every step of the way and always be available whenever you need assistance.

    To learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of setting up a Fidelity Corporate Trust, give us a call at 570-504-2245. We look forward to helping enhance the financial picture of your organization.

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What our customers say:

I do all my banking with Fidelity mostly at the Clarks Summit Branch. I find everyone gives great customer service and is helpful if I have a question. Please don't lose that home town feel.