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Add ImageGive your children the foundation of smart money management! Green Team Savings is our kids-only banking program with a roly–poly, green mascot, Sammy Saves-A-Lot.  Our family-friendly program is designed to be a fun way to help children to learn the importance of saving and spending wisely. Green Team Savings offers exclusive events with Sammy, special products and discounts.  Plus, as a reward for good spending habits, Fidelity Bank will make an additional deposit of up to $10 into your child's account each year*.


With this account you get:

  • Minimum opening deposit $1.00
  • Eligibility: Any child 18 years of age and younger
  • Special events, offers, and rewards for good savings habits

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*Once a year, Fidelity will make a cash deposit equal to 1% of the Green Team member’s balance on a specified date into their Green Team Savings Account. Limit one per account. Maximum cash rebate is $10 per year. May be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. Green Team Accounts open to those under the age of 18.


For more information or questions please contact us by phone at 1-800-388-4380 or visit the closest branch location near you.

What our customers say:

We are very happy to have remortgaged with Fidelity. The process was simple, and we ended up saving a few hundred dollars per month. It is also great to see all of our accounts (checking, savings, mortgage, etc.) on a single web page. I also referred a good friend to them, and they took very good care of him. THANK YOU FIDELITY!