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Business owners #1 hurdle to success is their inability to get paid on time from clients on a regular basis. Fidelity Bank’s Business Efficiency Process utilizes all of the electronic cash management tools to create better efficiencies for your business. Let us discuss how you can utilize these tools to speed up your receivables while creating money and time efficiencies that impact your business' bottom line.  Fidelity Bank also has tools to assist with the prevention of fraud.

  • Business Banking App

    Our updated business banking app makes it easy to initiate and approve bill payments from your mobile device, saving your business the most valuable resource of all — time. Help your business stay ahead. Download our updated business banking app today and log in with your Business Online account credentials. Setup is easy. Simply search for our Fidelity Business Banking App in the app store on your iOS or Android device. After you’ve downloaded the app, log in with your Business Online account credentials. That’s it!
  • Business Bill Pay

    Managing your accounts payable with Fidelity's Business Web Bill Pay is the quickest, easiest way to get organized and control your cash flow. Learn more

  • Business Sweep

    Make the most of your organization's extra cash while still maintaining liquidity. Fidelity Bank's Business Sweeps service moves excess cash from your business's checking account into a higher earning account, like a Money Market account. This means you'll have quick access to cash when you need it most, while earning competitive rates on the balance.

  • Electronic Funds Transfers/Automated Clearing House

    Electronic Funds Transfer/ Automated Clearing House (EFT/ACH) origination is safe, secure, efficient and less expensive than paper check payments and collections.  Our service provides you with a reliable and secure process to disburse or collect payments electronically. 

    Fidelity Bank EFT/ACH services will save you time and reduce expenses by:

    • Providing prompt payment to your vendors electronically
    • Providing direct deposit of payroll to your employees
    • Collecting accounts receivable invoice payments quickly and easily
    • Providing more predictable settlement and cash flow
    • Reducing lost check and fraud expense


  • Merchant Services

    Expedite your receivables and encourage your customers to spend more by accepting credit cards. Many people travel with no extra cash in their pocket, and your business could be missing sales opportunities if you don’t accept credit or debit. Learn More

  • Wire Transfers

    Need to transfer a large sum of money electronically? With Wire Transfer services from Fidelity Bank, you can conveniently transfer funds electronically from your Fidelity Bank business account to an account at another financial institution within the US or internationally. Wire transfers are safe, simple and efficient; they provide your business with the ideal method of payment for large transactions or when payment is required same-day.

  • Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

    If you have deposits with Fidelity Bank in a single ownership capacity, then you have access up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance. Through our affiliation with the Insured Cash Sweep or ICS Network, we can provide larger deposit customers access to multi-million-dollar FDIC protection with ICS®, the Insured Cash Sweep® service.

    When you place a large deposit with Fidelity Bank, we move excess cash from your business's checking account into a higher earning account, like a Money Market account, using the ICS service at other FDIC-insured member institutions. Plus you'll have quick access to cash when you need it most while earning competitive rates on the balance.

    If your deposits are in excess of $250,000, contact our Business Bankers for more details at 1-800-388-4380.

  • Positive Pay Fraud Detection

    There's no way around it - fighting fraud is a constant battle. If you want to rest easier and make sure your finances are protected, consider Fidelity Bank's fraud detection tool – Positive Pay.

    Positive Pay protects your transactions by matching your account or check information against a list of checks previously authorized by your organization. This way, we can monitor and identify any unusual activity around your account.

    The many advantages of Positive Pay include:

    • Improved fraud prevention
    • Enhanced check disbursement methods
    • Freedom to make payment decisions on suspected items
    • Warning of check irregularities such as encoding errors and multiple postings
    • Fewer headaches in dealing with fraud related issues
  • Remote Deposit

    Increase cash flow, reduce expenses and save time for yourself and your employees with Remote Deposit. From your desktop, scan checks and transmit the images or data to Fidelity in just a few simple steps. All that's needed is a PC, Internet connection and a scanner.

  • Lockbox Service

    Make your accounts receivable easier to manage with Fidelity's Lockbox Service. Maximize your cash flow and streamline your operations by having Fidelity Bank process your paper remittances at our location.  We will pick up your check payments from the U.S. Post Office and processes them for deposit the same day.  Images of the checks and associated remittance documentation are provided online the same day. 

    Lockbox reads and stores output electronically, taking the tedious work out of accounts receivable, creating less data entry errors, and providing you another safeguard against theft.

  • eGiving

    Fidelity Bank is pleased to offer eGiving, our specialty designed product for churches and charitable donations. The Fidelity Bank eGiving program provides non-profits the ability to automatically deduct monthly membership dues and donations from supporters' checking accounts and give individuals the opportunity to make secure, automatic contributions or payments on a monthly basis.

    The program offers many benefits including:

    • Eliminating check writing and ATM stops
    • Scheduling of recurring contributions of any amount
    • Changing payment or donation amount at any time
    • Gaining peace of mind knowing contributions are secure
    • Obtaining easy-to-read statements for tax purposes
  • Visa® Business Purchasing, Corporate and Expense Cards

    Visa® Purchasing Cards for business and nonprofits give your organization the convenience to make purchases worldwide. Plus, you will have unified payment processing, simplified money management and maximized savings. They provide access to the Visa® worldwide network with acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs.

    A detailed transaction record is captured for every purchase and can be integrated with your electronic expense reporting to help you monitor travel/entertainment and other business expenditures.

What our customers say:

I do all my banking with Fidelity mostly at the Clarks Summit Branch. I find everyone gives great customer service and is helpful if I have a question. Please don't lose that home town feel.