Fighting fraud doesn’t have to be a constant battle. Fidelity Bank can help.

Positive Pay is a check verification and fraud detection tool that compliments your internal security measures to ensure only authorized checks are paid against your business checking account. As checks are presented for payment, Fidelity Bank will match the check data (dollar amount, date, and check number) to information provided by you when you issued the check. When the information doesn’t match what you provided to us, timely notifications will be sent via email or text message so that you may review the exceptions in order to either pay or return the item.


  •  Reduces risk due to check fraud
  • Streamlines the process for more efficient handling of fraudulent checks
  • Increases control over the payment of checks
  • Validates checks processed for payment and rejects unauthorized transactions before losses occur

Need help?

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 15 months of history available
2 Business Bill Pay requires Online Banking and is free with two (2) bills paid per month.
3 Available balance

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