The ease of Web Bill Pay is available for both personal and business Fidelity Bank accounts and offers the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to pay your bills. You can set up your Web Bill Pay so you can make individual payments or recurring payments on pre-scheduled dates. You can access Web Bill Pay anytime.

Web Bill Pay is also a safe and easy way to keep track of your finances; less paper means less room for error. Plus, with state-of-the-art fraud detection technology, Web Bill Pay from Fidelity Bank provides you peace of mind knowing your personal information will remain secure.

Personal Web Bill Pay

Paying your monthly household expenses and keeping track of your personal finances has never been easier. From lawn care services to electric bills, in just a few clicks Web Bill Pay eliminates worry about forgotten bills, searching for stamps, or running to the mailbox. Set up Web Bill Pay through Fidelity Bank Online Banking to make individual payments or schedule recurring payments on pre-scheduled dates. You can also log in anytime and anywhere to make an individual payment or review a transaction.

Web Bill Pay is free when you enroll in free Online Banking and pay at least two (2) bills per month online.

Business Web Bill Pay

Managing your accounts payable with Fidelity Bank’s Business Web Bill Pay is the quickest, easiest way to get organized and control your cash flow. Enter all your payables and schedule payments for their delivery date or set up automatic payments for recurring bills of the same amount. Pay bills anytime and anywhere. Best of all — there are no stamps, no writing checks, and no worrying if your payment will get there on time. With Business Online Banking, you can set up permission levels that match your staff’s activities within your organization.

It’s free when you enroll in Business Online Banking and pay at least two (2) bills per month online.

Business Web Bill Pay Tutorial


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