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Whether you’re planning to upgrade your home, take a vacation, consolidate debt, or finance a significant purchase, Fidelity Bank’s home equity loan or line of credit is tailored to support your wants and needs. Apply online, and let our experienced bankers from right here in NEPA and the Lehigh Valley guide you through your options, ensuring you make the best financial decision to achieve your goals. Every step of our approval process is done locally, meaning less wait time to secure your funds. 

If your home has grown in equity and you reside in the Scranton area, Bethlehem, Allentown, or any part of NEPA and the Lehigh Valley, now is the time to leverage that equity! Whether you need funds for home improvements, school tuition, to consolidate bills, or even to plan your dream vacation, unlocking your home’s equity is a great solution. Fidelity Bank offers a range of Home Equity Loan programs designed to fit the unique financial needs of our local residents.

What Is Home Equity?

Home equity is the amount of money you own in your property, which is an important asset for homeowners. This equity can fluctuate, influenced by your mortgage payments and the local real estate market’s dynamics, providing a flexible source of funds for meeting significant financial needs, from addressing high-cost debt to funding education.

Borrowing against home equity often comes with lower interest rates compared to other forms of unsecured debt, making it a prudent choice for financing. Plus, if you’re making improvements to your home, the interest on your loan might be tax-deductible, which makes using home equity for such investments financially wise.

How to Borrow Against Home Equity

There are several ways to leverage your home’s equity. Here are some options:

  • Home Equity Loan: Often used for significant expenses like home renovations or education, this option provides a lump sum at a fixed rate.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): This flexible, revolving credit line works similarly to a credit card, allowing you to borrow as needed up to a set limit.
  • Fixed-Rate HELOC Option: Lock in a portion of your variable rate HELOC to a fixed rate for more predictable repayments. 
  • Cash-Out Refinance: Refinance your mortgage for a higher amount than you owe and use the extra cash for your needs.

The Bottom Line for NEPA and the Lehigh Valley Homeowners

The ability to borrow against your home equity is a powerful tool for financial flexibility. Whether through a home equity loan, HELOC, or cash-out refinance, Fidelity Bank is here to support you in making informed financial decisions.

Unlock Your Home’s Equity with Fidelity Bank

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