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Simple. Secure. Fast. 

Make quick, secure payments using your smart phone. Fidelity Bank is proud to offer latest in bank technology for Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay to our members. 

  • Avoid carrying plastic cards that can be lost or stolen. 
  • Securely make payments without transmitting your card number or name. 
  • Reduce your chance of fraud. 
  • Pay quickly and easily using your mobile device. 

Digital Wallet Security

Digital Wallets tend to be more secure as they do not hold your card information. Instead, encrypted keys are passed during the transaction and the retailer never sees your actual card number or name. This additional layer of security helps reduce the chance that your information could be accessed or stolen. 

We offer the following options for your mobile wallet. Click on the phone system below for more details. 

  • Apple Pay

    apple pay logo

    Use Apple Pay with iPhone 6, Apple Watch, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 for purchases without swiping your cards. And you can buy inside apps without entering your payment and contact information.

    1.You'll need an iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPad AirTM 2 or iPad miniTM 3 with iOS 8.1 or later

    2.Open the Apple app called "Wallet" and select “Add Credit or Debit Card”

    3.Take a picture of your card and fill in the 3-digit security code on the back along with any other missing information or type in manually.

    Click here for instructions in a PDF format

  • Android Pay

    Andriod pay logo

    This is an easy and safe way to pay with your Android smartphone and it's easy to set up. First, locate or download the Android Pay application to your device. Then add your Fidelity Bank cards. From there, just unlock your phone to pay at contactless terminals.

    1.Download the Android PayTM app
    2. Add your Fidelity Bank Check card - it's as simple as snapping a photo
    3. Pay confidently at over a million locations in the U.S.

    Click here for instructions in a PDF format

  • Samsung Pay

    Samsung Pay logo

    With this mobile service, you can make purchases with a compatible Samsung device almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your Fidelity Bank Card. After adding your card, making a purchase is simple. Swipe up on the screen to launch the app and place your finger on the Home key. Then hover your Samsung device over the card reader.

    1.Make sure your compatible  Samsung device is updated with Samsung Pay

    2.Take a picture of your Fidelity Bank Visa® check card with your device’s camera

    3.Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN and you’ll be ready to go

    Click here for instructions in a PDF format

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