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With the Fidelity Visa® Debit Card, you don't have to carry your checkbook or even cash. Simply present your card to any merchant that accepts Visa cards - from gas stations and grocery stores to dry cleaners, specialty shops and restaurants. Just sign your receipt, and you're on your way!

The Fidelity Visa® Debit Card is as easy and convenient as your credit card except you access funds from your checking account, not a credit account, so there's no monthly bill or finance charge. The card is accepted anywhere in the world, wherever the Visa® symbol is displayed, so it's the perfect card to carry with you at all times. Plus, you can access cash at ATMs without having to write a check.

Using your Fidelity Visa® Debit Card can be more convenient than ever. Get Fidelity Bank Digital Wallet today available for Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

Please note that if you're planning on traveling outside the United States and would like to use your check card during your trip, you may contact us at 1-800-388-4380 at least one (1) week prior to your departure so that your card can be used. Learn More

What our customers say:

We opened our daughter's first savings account at Fidelity. It was a pleasure from start to finish, not to mention the nice child themed "green team" items they supplied which really show the children how important it is to save. We love Fidelity!