At Fidelity Bank, your safety and security is a top priority. Wherever you use your Fidelity Bank Visa® Check Card, we have tips to help you protect yourself, your card and your money.

Before the Transaction

  • Never approach an ATM if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the ATM environment. If you notice anything or anyone suspicious near the ATM, use another ATM or come back at another time.
  • Do not approach an ATM after dark if the lights at the ATM site do not appear to be bright enough or if the ATM is obstructed from view. (Report the problem to the bank that operates the ATM as soon as possible.)
  • When possible, take a companion along when using an ATM, especially after dark.
  • When approaching a walk-up ATM, park your car close to the machine. Do not leave your car running or key in the ignition.
  • When using a drive-up ATM, keep the car running and the door locked. Before lowering your car window, observe the surrounding area. If anyone or anything looks suspicious, drive away immediately.
  • To minimize time at the ATM, try to fill out all forms (deposit slips, etc.) beforehand. Have your card out and ready for use.

During the Transaction

  • If you see anyone or anything suspicious while conducting a transaction, cancel your transaction and leave immediately.
  • Stand between the ATM and anyone waiting to use the terminal so that others cannot see your PIN or transaction amount.

After the Transaction

  • Once you have completed your transaction, take your money, card and receipt and immediately move away from the terminal. Never leave the ATM with your wallet and/or cash exposed.
  • Do not leave your ATM receipt or discard it carelessly. Retain the receipt with your account records.
  • If anyone follows you after making your transaction, go immediately to a crowded, well-lit area and call the police.